Kris sold our house in under a week. Did a great job setting up a home stagger and the photographer did excellent work. Great service. We were very happy and had no complaints.

– Warren & Michelle Merkel

Very good experience working with Kris. His work ethic and communication skills were very exceptional. Was exactly what we needed to move our property and get good value. Kris was very professional and took advantage of the hot market to get our property noticed. Lots of viewings and excellent video presentation to give prospective buyers an honest look before they came to view.

– Rick Penner

Kris is the BEST Realtor around! He gets things done fast and is always available to walk you through a process and answer any questions you may have. I will never use a different Realtor. A loyal and hard working Realtor who cares about his clients as much as Kris = loyal clients.

Kris is always available to answer my questions, no matter what day or time of day. He even stopped by one day with some bottles of wine for our packing party to offer his support. Kris is real, and when you are working with him he feels like you are part of his family because it’s not just about a sale, it’s also about making the clients happy.

I like that I always felt like I was Kris’ only client, when I know he has several and is a very busy person. You would never know because he is so readily available whenever you need him.

How much better can it get than the first person who viewed the place bought it?

– Jackie Read

Our experience went well from start to finish. Our request for specific showing times (for personal reasons) were respected, and that was appreciated so much. As well our requests for going and looking at homes were also accommodated, Kris made this process as simple and uncomplicated as it could possibly be. Questions were answered in a timely manner, and when we required referrals such as a mortgage broker, a home inspector and moving companies he was quick to get names to us. In this crazy market being on top of each and every silly little request and question I had he by far exceeded our expectations. I am sure I came up with more questions than he had time to answer. Kris understood that we were not in a rush to sell. He asked us once about lowering the price of our home, feeling that maybe we should consider this, but when we declined and said we wanted to stick to our price he was respectful and we did not feel pressured to lower our price. All too often a realtor will dive in very quickly and will want a client to lower their price. Kris did not do this and because of this we got the price we were asking for our condo.

I don’t know that there is anything he could have done better. In the past the realtors I have dealt with spent a lot of time holding their client’s hands, becoming good friends with you and when you had moved into your new home they were gone. Now the market has changed and technology has encroached on every single part of our lives. It is hard to believe that legal contracts are being handled via email. Even though I was not comfortable with this Kris handled this like a pro. Every contract was done quickly and correct, changes were made the same, quickly and correct. So here I am thanking Kris for helping me taking another step into the future and world of living electronically. He convinced me through his work he is a real pro at mastering this part of his job Making his clients feel comfortable and like he had our situation in hand and was taking good care of us. Even if I did miss the human interaction when doing things via email was necessary.

Spring 2016 has been a crazy time in Real Estate, it takes someone who is confident, kind, patient, and sure of what they are doing to work in this high pressured time. I see a man who has accomplished this a relatively short amount of time and I am confident that he will do a great job of helping all of the people that that he deals with their home sales and purchases. I would not think twice about referring Kris Lucas to another person that needs a realtor to sell or purchase their next home.

Wishing you all the best Kris for continued success and happiness. Thank you for all your hard work!!

– Penny Giampa

We experienced first class service. Our home was marketed aggressively, the brochure was very well done, and we sold above an optimistic list price. Open houses were well advertised and our communication with [Kris] was excellent. The open houses and feedback form the other agents was very helpful. The use of technology to keep us updated was a pleasant surprise. Your service and feedback was prompt and we felt that you were a great advocate in presenting our house in the best possible light to potential buyers.

– Jim Lucas


There is nothing better than knowing that when you need to talk to your realtor that he will be there to answer your questions and help you through the process. Kris made us feel like our business really mattered to him and that he understands the importance of finding the right home for you. His attention to us really made our experience of selling and buying much less stressful. Kris was always quick and sold our property after 2 viewings. He also took the time to ensure we had plenty of viewings that met our needs. He listened to what we want and don’t want. He was truthful and always patient with us no matter how many homes we looked at that day. I can’t think of what Kris could have done better, but I ask that you never stop giving the service you provide now. You are a very hard worker and work for the best interests of your clients and that is why I will always call you in the future if I am selling and buying again. 

– Jackie Read

Communications where always very prompt so I never felt like i was left hanging. This was my first home sale so initially I had a much higher price point in mind and through our discussions and seeing how many town-homes are actively on the market in my area helped me gain some perspective, and you where right on initial price setting as interest was generated within days. Honest conversations about homes as we viewed them and talking comparisons of the homes we viewed helped to steer us and helped us to be patient enough to pull the trigger on the right home at the right price… and you achieved that good price on our behalf, thank you. You listened and acted on my needs to not move below a certain price, that was so important, as we had such little “wiggly room” to sell the town-home and afford the forever home.

– Steven Raphael