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Plant Combinations for Low Water Gardens

Summer heat means watering restrictions. It can be discouraging when you plant a garden that you can’t water it to keep it looking nice. Or, maybe you don’t even bother planting a garden because it’s too much work to keep up with watering it at all. Gardens can really make your home look great and enhance curb appeal. So, it might be worthwhile to plant that garden. There are plants that require lots of water and there are some that require very little. Maybe planting a low-water garden can make maintenance easy and keep your yard looking fresh a beautiful during the summer months. You can check out some great ideas on

Container Gardening

This new trend of container gardening is really something. If you love to garden but are at a lack for space this could really be a great answer. Especially if you are living in a small apartment or basement suit, a container garden may be all you have space for. You can do plants, flowers, veggies, really anything inside a container. Don’t give up on your gardening dreams, just think outside the box and plant your veggies in a box. If you are interested in trying out your own container garden you can check out these helpful tips from Canadian Living.

What’s On Your Must-Have List For Your Dream Home?

Have you ever put together a list of must have’s for your dream home? What is top of your list? Mine is a view. I want a house that has an incredible view with windows floor to ceiling so I can enjoy the sights from every place in the house. There is a show on W network that is called Buying the View. I love watching that show. Some of the homes are stunning and the views are worth the price you pay. Now to win the lottery and make my dreams come true!

You can check out the show here:

Los Cabos, Mexico Trip

When it feels like January in July I know that it is time for a holiday. It felt more like summer in May than it does now. So, my family and I took a trip to Los Cabos Mexico to seek out some sun. With the market as busy as it is, time with my family is precious because work has been keeping me on my toes. We were able to get away and spend some quality time together. It was the first Mexican vacation for our little babe. We braved a plane ride and 7 days all-inclusive with a 6 month old. She did great. She loved all the attention she got from the people in the resort. We couldn’t get far without someone stopping us to tell us what a beautiful princess she was. I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my wife and daughter. Mexico is one of my favourite places to visit and it was a dream come true to share with my girls.