The Do’s & Dont’s of Buying Your First Home

Well, spring is coming and along with that sees increased activity in the Real Estate market. Maybe it is even time for you to buy your first home. If it is, contact me and I will be happy to help guide you through the process.Here a few Do’s and Don’ts of Buying your First Home

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21 Spring Flowers for Your Garden

With all this crazy winter weather you might be starting to think about spring. Spring may be buried under 2 feet of snow at the moment but soon enough the rain will come and the sun will shine. Then it will be time to start thinking about planting our gardens. It is good to find plants that will last through spring and into the summer to get the most out of your money. Also, A little attention to your garden can really spruce up your curb appeal. Flowers have also been know to lift your mood. So, take some time and do a little research to figure out what plants you might like to purchase this spring to make your garden look perfect. Plus, it’s a fun way to beat the winter blues.

You can check out this site from Better Homes and Gardens:

The Government’s Plan to Partner With 1st Time Buyers is Almost a Reality!

Well, it is getting close to time for the governments plan to partner with 1st time buyers to kick off. It is great for first time buyers as they will loan a portion of a down payment that doesn’t need to be payed back for several years. Make sure you plan ahead though so you aren’t caught with new payments coming out you can’t afford! If you have more questions give me call and I would be happy to help. I have some great connections to mortgage brokers that can answer all those questions you have been wondering about. Why rent and pay down someone else’s mortgage when you can pay down your own? Here is a link below that answer some common questions.

Selling your Home in the Winter

The winter is a harder time of the year to sell your home for sure. No one wants to get out of his or her car in the rain to see an open house and no one wants to leave their own home in the snow to house hunt. It is possible to sell your home; you just have to be a little more patient. Continue reading

Family trip to Puerto Vallarta

This past week I had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Aside from getting food poisoning, we had a wonderful family vacation. We stayed at the Now Amber resort. It was beautiful, the food was delicious and the service was tremendous. The resort was very family focused and there were many other young families there enjoying the sun.

My Daughter loved the pool and meeting the other kids splashing around in the water. I would recommend this resort to others for sure. I cherish these moments I get to spend with my family as work is busy and the opportunities are rare. Now, I am back to work and embracing the rain. However, I am dreaming of the next sunny vacation. Hopefully it won’t be long until we are flying away to sunny Mexico again.

Family trip to Penticton

Summer came and went. Did it seem to speed by for anyone else? Our final family vacation of the summer was a trip up to Penticton and OK Falls. This destination has many memories for my wife and I. We both have fond memories of vacationing there as children. We would like to make memories there now that we have a family of our own. It was the first time we were able to vacation there with our daughter. We took her to the place where we had our fist kiss, which just happens to be the place of our engagement. Penticton has such a soft spot in our hearts. We enjoyed time on the beach, eating ice cream, touring the farmers market, wine tasting and going for walks. We are looking forward to building many more special family moments in Penticton through the years to come.

Family Summer Vacation

Family vacations are always a priority, especially in the summer. This past week I was able to take a little time off and head over to Vancouver Island with my family. This is one of our favorite things to do as a family. We spend our time relaxing on the beach in Parksville and taking in the scenery. My wife and Mom love to hit up the local shops to see what treasures they can find and my Dad and I make sure we find the best places for ice cream. There is always one place we make sure we get to, and that is Coombs. Coombs has the cutest little places for coffee and ice cream. You can also peruse the grocery stores, and souvenir shops. Not to mention you get to see the Goats wandering around on the roof of the stores. If you haven’t been it’s a place to check out for sure. It was a wonderful vacation. Now to plan the next one.

Plant Combinations for Low Water Gardens

Summer heat means watering restrictions. It can be discouraging when you plant a garden that you can’t water it to keep it looking nice. Or, maybe you don’t even bother planting a garden because it’s too much work to keep up with watering it at all. Gardens can really make your home look great and enhance curb appeal. So, it might be worthwhile to plant that garden. There are plants that require lots of water and there are some that require very little. Maybe planting a low-water garden can make maintenance easy and keep your yard looking fresh a beautiful during the summer months. You can check out some great ideas on

Container Gardening

This new trend of container gardening is really something. If you love to garden but are at a lack for space this could really be a great answer. Especially if you are living in a small apartment or basement suit, a container garden may be all you have space for. You can do plants, flowers, veggies, really anything inside a container. Don’t give up on your gardening dreams, just think outside the box and plant your veggies in a box. If you are interested in trying out your own container garden you can check out these helpful tips from Canadian Living.