Winterizing your Home

The Fraser Valley has received a blast of winter. When we only see winter once every 1000 days here in the lower mainland making it hard to remember to take the time to winterize our homes. Well, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Clean out those gutters. Clogged gutters will build up with water and you will get an ice dam that could cause more work than necessary when the big thaw starts.

2. Change your ceiling fans to turn in a clockwise direction. Not only can they help keep your house cool in the summer they can also work to push hot air down in the winter and keep you feeling warm and toasty.

3. Draft Guards at the foot of your doors can help stop the frosty draft from coming in. You can also purchase a clear plastic film to put over your windows to help with insulation in the cold weather. This will also help with keep your heating bill down.

4. Shut off outside water taps and remove hoses. This will make sure your don’t end up with frozen broken water taps and hoses.

5. Pick up a shovel and some salt. Having these simply tools on hand will save you braving the storm to get to the store to buy them when the snow hits. Then you will be able to keep your walkway and drive way ice and snow free and you won’t be slipping and sliding your way through the winter.

Stay safe this winter and stay warm!